The Diversity as a Competitive Advantage Lecture

The Diversity as a Competitive Advantage Lecture
- public speaker Ergin Özdemir

A diversity revolution is happening in workplaces across the world. More and more organizations are reaping the benefits of having more diverse teams. Could this give you a competitive edge?

A diversity revolution has been transforming workplaces around the world, is yours next? 

Research shows that companies and organisations that are inclusive and have the skills to harness their employees' differences gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

The "Diversity as a competitive advantage" session condenses Ergin's more than 20 years of experience helping hundreds of companies and organisations do just that and will show you how you too can:

  • Increase productivity by creating a work environment where all employees’ unique perspectives are involved in the development of products, business initiatives, and client relationships.
  • Attract, recruit, and retain people with different perspectives by incorporating genuine professional development opportunities into the fabric of the organisation.
  • Translate workplace diversity into increased profitability and productivity compared to less diverse competitors.

Normally available in either a half-day or full-day format, this session can be tailored to suit your your organisation's unique requirements and goals. At the conclusion of this lecture, participants will leave with:

  • Inspiration and a clearer idea of what a diverse workplace looks and feels like.
  • Current examples of best practice.
  • Concrete methods for implementing diversity best practice into any organisation.

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