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The Becoming a Sought-After Candidate Lecture

The Becoming a Sought-After Candidate Lecture

The Becoming a Sought-After Candidate Lecture

Are you ready to learn how to use your diverse skills to drive the success of companies and organisations?

According to the latest figures, a person born abroad is four times more likely to be unemployed than one born in Sweden. The road to a fulfilling job and integration into Swedish society can be a long and arduous one. Ergin is no stranger to this reality. After applying for more than 600 jobs in the space of six months and being turned down time and time again, he finally got his break. The rest is history. 

Knowing first hand that with some guidance and a dignified opportunity, people of diverse background consistently become valuable assets to their employers, Ergin has spent the past 20 years facilitating this. He has helped more than 70 people turn their disappointments and frustration into joy and pride by helping them enter into meaningful employment.

Averaging 10 job opportunities per session, the "Becoming a sought-after candidate Lecture" gives attendees the right toolset and mindset to successfully find their way into the Swedish labour market.

Are you ready to start your journey? Your talents and competences are relevant to the right company and/or enterprise.

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