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Beth Mund at Unleashing SuperPowers podcast

20 juli 2018 av ERGIN ÖZDEMIR img

Beth Mund speaker, writer and space geek

There are a lot of good people doing good things and I think highly of them. They are doing whatever they can for a better world.

Saying that, I am not so easily impressed. I can of course try to analyze why it is so yet I will just leave it and repeat again I am not easily impressed. (feel free to comment why you think I find it hard to be impressed).
Anyways, last week I attended #Influence18, what an experience that was. I hope you've read my precious article and found it interesting. I met many many interesting people with a genuine desire and passion to serve and assist their community and the world.

One of those meetings left an impression and YES! I WAS (and still am) IMPRESSED. I got to meet Beth Mund, a fellow speaker who worked at NASA and now helping other to go and reach for higher orbits (I think that's how she phrased it, listen to the podcast so you'll get what I mean).

I took the chance to make a podcast with her and she was such a great guest to have. I still am learning as a podcaster and still get annoyed how much I should be working on being more quiet.

Take your chance to listen to Beth. Her entusiasm and passion is contagious.

Direct Link: https://www.ergin.se/blog/ergin-ozdemir/beth-mund-at-unleasding-superpowers-podcast-3