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Reflecting moment after #influence18

18 juli 2018 av ERGIN ÖZDEMIR img

Just grabbed a cup of coffee I so needed after my flight from Dallas to Rejkjavik. I'll be here for a short while and next stop is Stockholm and already tomorrow, on thursday I am off again to Istanbul, my home town.

Before that, I feel like reflecting on #influence18. It was my fist NSA conference and I looked forward to it. I see myself as a person with a natural gift of networking and wanted to meet a lot of new people and make many many connections and I did. The overall experience exceeded my own highly set expectations.

  • I found my buddy, Markus, from Hamburg Germany, whom I crashed parties with. We will crush many many more parties.
  • I of course made sure to (s)talk (to) Frowa, whom I love to spend some quality time with. Looking forward to meeting her again in Berlin.
  • I felt included by the NSA Illinois chapter when they invited me to join them for dinner at the Goat, enjoyed a Mike Rawlings (a hamburger) and also managed to beat Beth in a game of rings, who is a former NASA employee, a powerful and kind human being who is empowering women of all ages to go for their goals. Between us (***whispering***) I think I have a (nerd) crush. She was even nerdier than I am and did I tell you she was working at NASA, oh yes I already did. ;-)
  • I met Cindy whom has taken a few minutes of her time to look at my TEDx Talk and we explored an idea of writing a book. So may be, there will be a book in you hands soon.
  • I joined the Cigar Peg, where I met amongst many others Ray and Linda, whom shared their wisdom and guidance with me generously, in a way it was just right.
  • I spent time with my swedish pack, Anders, Jon, Jan, Mia, Roger and Niklas.
  • I met and spent time with the frech crew, Herve, Philippe, Michael, Stephane others I can't reacll their names right now.
  • I met David with swedish herritage so I we talked about Sweden and his cousin, a fellow speaker.
  • I met Jimmy who has roots in Södertälje, my home town in Sweden.
  • I met Sierra from Portland, with voice of an angel sang for us.
  • I met Don from Denver who not only knew how to entertain anyone and everyone, also gave massages to whomever needed it at the time.
  • I met Matt (Bauer), a talented musician and filmer whom I am sure you'll get to hear about sooner than you think.
  • I met Susan from Dallas, a kind heart, with a background and story with gave me chills, and we talked about life, it's ups and downs.
  • I met, my buddy, Laura from Atlanta, who made the convention easier for me.
  • I met Shawn, not only a professor and researcher on Diversity and Inclusion, but also a drummer, a rock star.

I met many many more new friends, gave and received hundreds of hugs. I am full of new impressions, perspectives, ideas not only as a speaker, mostly as a member of NSA community, to find ways to serve and contribute.

Sometimes, you're just at the right place at the right time. That's how I felt past four days. It all thanks to the culture and generosity which is in the fabric and dna of NSA community.

Already looking forward to #influence19, in Denver next year. I hope to see you all and many many more.

Thank you everyone whom took time to spend sometime with me. I wish I had more time and to get to know many many more.

In moments like this, now with a couple of coffees in my system, at the airport in Keflavik, I can't help by thinking, #lifeiswhatyoumakeit. You may be in the right place at the right time AND with the right mindset and attitude magic happens.

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