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Strategic Coaching - EP 20 – Ergin and inclusive leadership

9 juni 2020 av ERGIN ÖZDEMIR img


In this episode, we discuss important things! For example entrepreneurship, inclusive leadership and autism. I was introduced to Ergin by my friend Kenth (episode 15). Ergin turned out to be a super nice guy with a really interesting story. He is originally from Turkey but as a “refuge of love”, he currently lives in Sweden with his Swedish family and kids.

Sweden has the last few years received a lot of immigrants. I and Ergin discuss ways for quicker integration. Organizations that can manage diversity has higher innovation and turnover. Ergin has a framework to help leaders deal with this.

We also talk about autism and Ergin´s son. Ergin did a very emotional Ted talk about this that you can watch by clicking here. 

Direct Link: https://www.ergin.se/blog/ergin-ozdemir/strategic-coaching---ep-20---ergin-and-inclusive-leadership-7