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WARNING! Ergin Özdemir WordTour 2019

8 juli 2018 by ERGIN ÖZDEMIR img

I'd like to have a WORD with you, wherever you are in the world.

I am curious how you think and reason about differences. I have loads of questions and I have all the time in the world to listen with the purist of the intentions to understand your perspectives.

In 2019 I will do whatever I can, by any means necessary to be where you are, by foot, by car, public transports, by air and/or by sea. I would be thrilled if you and/or your organisation setup a meeting where we can put our minds together for more inclusion in our workplaces, in our societies. Diversity and differences, when well managed, with inclusive leadership means competitive edge for any organization and/enterprise. There is massive research and if you want to have them beforehand pls reach out to me.

I am a social entrepreneur and dedicated all my time, energy and will power for more inclusion in my community, work places and society.

I hope you are as curious as I am, if not more. I also would like the opportunity to share my experiences, know-how and stories as a leader, entrepreneur, employer, employee (as immigrant) and proud father to children with differences in my lectures and workshops.

I'd like to think that when people meet with an open mind, with no expectations magic happens.

Ergin Özdemir WordTour will start in North America in january 2019 and will continue all continents. I want to visit as many places, countries as possible. Looking forward to meeting you, wherever you are.

I am WARNING you! After our meeting your point of views about differences could change!

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